Former Mamie P. Whitesides Elementary School principal Dave Schlachter has joined with former Whitesides staff to plan a reunion to reconnect employees who worked at the school from 1981 to 2003.

“Have you, as an adult, ever wondered what a favorite childhood teacher is doing now? Perhaps you remember a secretary or custodian who always smiled and said good morning to you or a lunchroom cook who made your favorite meal. Well, former and current administrators, teachers and staff of Whitesides Elementary School from 1981-2003 are planning a reunion and this is your chance to help those favorite people from your past reconnect with each other,” Schlachter said.

Schlachter and former staff, including teachers, assistants, day porters and the cafeteria team are in search of anyone who worked at Whitesides Elementary during those years. If so, ask them to contact Schlachter at for more information.

“We need your help to find former employees who meant so much to our school and community,” Schlachter said. “Reunion plans are underway and we want to find as many former staff members as we can.”