A local kid did something unique on his sixth birthday to give back to the community. Instead of having a party, Sam DiBenedetto held a lemonade stand at the Alhambra Hall park for his birthday this summer, with all benefits going to the Sea Turtle Care Center at the South Carolina Aquarium.

This is the second year DiBenedetto has held a lemonade stand in the community on his birthday. His mother, Jenny Everett , helped promote the lemonade stand on social media prior to his birthday to ensure good attendance. His goal was to crack $1,000 and beat his last birthday lemonade stand total of $827.05 for the Sea Turtle Care Center.

"We are so thankful for supportive friends, family, neighbors, and the amazing team at the aquarium. This has been one hundred percent Sam's idea, and I'm so glad he's experiencing not only how good it feels to give back, but also seeing how being kind brings out kindness in others," Jenny said.

DiBenedetto presented a check of $1,468.30 to the biologists at the S.C. Aquarium's Sea Turtle Care Center at the end of July.