TEDxCharleston announces LB Adams as 2020 event emcee.

TEDxCharleston has extended the deadline for applications until Monday, Sept. 30, 2019 for its 2020 event. Applications can be submitted online at The 2020 event, scheduled for April of next year, is themed CASCADES, which underscores the showcase of ideas that trigger great force and movement within the Charleston community and beyond.

Fittingly, event organizers also announced that LB Adams, one of the most captivating speakers in the program’s history and a renowned public speaking coach, will serve as the event’s emcee in 2020.

What exactly is a TEDxCharleston talk? TED is an acronym for technology, entertainment and design, although the talks cover an even wider spectrum of topics, encompassing art, life, science, health, humanities, education and much more. TEDxCharleston is the local, self-organized event that bring people together to share a TED-like experience in the Charleston area. Approximately 10 or so minutes in length, TEDxCharleston presentations are living ideas worthy of conversation and collaboration, woven into stories that audiences comprehend, relate to, and take away.

At TEDxCharleston, we like to call our application process a “call for ideas worth spreading.” If you’re having trouble putting your idea into words, we have a few pointers:

  • First thing’s first, any idea is worth sharing! No idea is too small or too big!
  • Your BIG IDEA should be concise and summarized into a few sentences. If your big idea had an elevator pitch…what would it be?
  • Know your stuff. Be passionate about your idea, but also be able to back up. Share your expertise and experience, and showcase how the execution of your idea has made a difference.
  • Why is your idea important or relevant? Did you unveil a problem and provide a solution?
  • Tell us how your idea will impact the lives of others and communities. What do you want the audience to learn and take away from your idea?
  • Remember, you don’t have to be a professional speaker to apply! If your idea is selected, TEDxCharleston has a team of speaker coaches that will guide you through the process!

LB Adams as Emcee: from TEDxCharleston rock star to master of ceremonies

The coming year’s event will benefit from one of the most popular speakers from last year transitioning into the role of emcee. Adams took the stage as a TEDxCharleston speaker in 2019 where she spoke about the power of words out loud. Now, she is encouraging Charleston residents to apply to benefit from the life-changing experience of participating in a TEDxCharleston event. “Anyone who has an idea, a singular point of view and a desire to share that with others should apply.”

“The best advice I can give a potential applicant is to be vulnerable,” says Adams. “An idea is necessary, of course, but humans are storytellers by nature. Your idea must be framed by your own story, and you can't be afraid to share it. If it's important to you, chances are it'll be important to the audience.”

“It was big. It was the achievement of a life goal,” Adams said when asked about her experience as a TEDxCharleston speaker. “I got to meet some of the most extraordinary people, from the initial interviews through the coaching and right on through the end of the event day. Aside from my moments on stage, the people I met are the most memorable part of my experience.”

All talks and performances are recorded in front of the live TEDxCharleston audience at the Music Hall and shared online with the TEDx global community.

Looking for application inspiration? Check out videos of past TEDxCharleston speakers and performances are available at