birds nest

Return a baby bird to its nest if you find one fallen from a tree or bush.

With very high winds expected throughout the day and birds smack in the middle of nesting, Wild Birds Unlimited offered information on what to do should you find a baby bird that fell from the nest or perhaps a full nest that has blown down from the tree.

  1. Check surrounding bushes and trees to see if the nest is still intact. If the nest is still there, simply put the baby bird right back in it. Seriously...just put it back. The mother bird will be so thankful for you.
  2. If the nest blew down or has fallen to the ground, you'll want to collect as much of the nest material from the ground as possible.
  3. Get a small container the approximate size of the original nest. A small Tupperware container will do. Place the nest material into the container and poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage. 
  4. Secure your nest container high up in the tree closest to where you found the nestling, and gently place the baby bird back into the nest.
  5. From a distance, watch the nest closely and wait for the mother bird's return.

Know it is a myth that mother birds abandon baby birds touched by human hands. The mother bird has spent much time and energy into raising her baby, and nature will prompt her to continue until the baby bird can survive on its own.

More times than not a baby bird is better left alone than with well-meaning people attempting to care for it. If you truly believe the bird needs human intervention, please get in touch with a local, trained bird rehabber.

This information provided by Wild Birds Unlimited of Mount Pleasant. For more information contact Danielle Motley at or 843-216-8800.