Orton-Gillingham Center of Charleston (OGCC) has announced the hire of Catherine Hagberg as the center’s new director. Hagberg will oversee operations and lead the expansion of OGCC in the Lowcountry

Hagberg attended Rhode Island College where she received her bachelor of arts in elementary education. After teaching in the Rhode Island public school system for a year, she knew she needed further training in how to effectively teach reading and writing to all her students. She continued her education at Providence College where she completed a master of education in literacy degree and became a certified reading specialist. Following her graduation from Providence College, Hagberg taught a graduate course with a fellow colleague in their M.Ed. program for literacy. This experience allowed her to truly understand the discrepancy between different instructional methods that teachers in the state felt were “best practice” from their own varying teacher preparation courses in undergraduate school. While researching different reading programs, she discovered the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading. Hagberg applied to attend the OG Associate Level training at the Dunn Institute in Rhode Island and was impressed by this explicit and diagnostic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling.

After completing her training, Hagberg moved to the Lowcountry where she taught for four years as a 1:1 Orton-Gillingham practitioner in the Language Enrichment and Development Department and completed her Certified Level of Orton-Gillingham training at Trident Academy, a private school specializing in dyslexia. Hagberg lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband Brian and their four children.

Hagberg’s responsibilities include managing OGCC’s operations and leading the Early Intervention Initiative which is a community advocacy program. She also serves as a fellow-in-training, under our founding fellow, Sheila Costello.

“Hagberg’s vast experience coupled with her enthusiasm and passion for literacy makes her an exciting addition to OGCC. Her leadership will take the Center’s programs to more families affected by dyslexia and ensure our instructor training remains best in class,” says Lindsey Ballenger, co-founder and director of Development and Communication for OGCC.

OGCC was established in 2018 by Charleston educational leaders seeking change in the way dyslexic learners are taught to read. OGCC offers intervention support to students through tutoring by qualified practitioners. The Center also trains practitioners the Orton Gillingham approach and ensures their completion of the accreditation process with the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.