Signs prohibiting thru trucks on scenic highways in Mount Pleasant.

Q: “Are there plans to remove or replace the orange construction barrier at the beginning of the Ravenel pedestrian path? What is the plan and timeline?” — Rick Zimlich, Mount Pleasant

A: ”The Public Services Department installed the temporary fence in response to several injuries that have occurred in that location. We are currently looking into alternative safety barriers to be installed in the future. We do not have a specific date at this time.”  Jody Peele, Town of Mount Pleasant’s Public Services Director

Q: “I’ve noticed recent complaints about truck traffic along scenic highways in Mount Pleasant. I have even started to noticed large trucks driving on Mathis Ferry Road and Longpoint Road myself. Are they allowed to drive on these roads? If not, what is MPPD’s Traffic Bureau doing to prohibit large trucks from traveling on scenic highways?”— C.B., Mount Pleasant


Signs prohibiting thru trucks on Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant.

A: “The Traffic Bureau does monitor Longpoint Road for trucks that travel through to Highway 17 as well as those coming from Hwy. 17 towards the port or I-526. One of the issues is that GPS units still route truck drivers down Longpoint towards the port and I-526. We are in the process of reaching out to Waze and other GPS companies to see if there are any options for truck routing. We are also making contact with the port and local trucking companies to make sure they are aware of this being a prohibited route. Social media posts about this issue will be made in the upcoming weeks to help get the word out to the trucking industry.

Trucks are still able to make deliveries so some trucks will be on this stretch of roadway. To enforce the law on this issue, an officer has to catch the vehicle and then follow it through to the other end to stop the driver.” — Lieutenant Chip Googe with Mount Pleasant Police Department’s Traffic Services Bureau

Q: “What is the plan for completing work on the Patriots Point Nature Trail that runs from the ballpark to the Cooper River? It was closed due to damage from a storm last fall. Heavy equipment has been clearing trees and brush, but the trail is still rutted and muddy.” — Barbara Zia, Mount Pleasant

A: “In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, 75 to 100 trees had to be removed from the trail. To comply with FEMA reimbursement requirements, the town placed bids and eventually selected and contracted for the removal of the trees (at a cost of $21,876.19). The contractor worked on the trail for the past four weeks using heavy equipment to remove fallen trees and brush. After the trail was cleared and heavy equipment was no longer needed, the contractor repaired the ruts and returned the trail to its normal condition. The trail is now open.”  Jody Peele, Town of Mount Pleasant’s Public Services Director