After months of driving over steel plates, around cones and watching Coleman Boulevard's new design unfold, drivers have become curious about the project's progress. The Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project's construction zone began in September 2017 and is slated to be completed several months ahead of its original schedule this fall. Below is a series of questions regarding the project with answers provided by the Town of Mount Pleasant's Transportation Infrastructure Division Chief, Paul Lykins (PL).

Q: What is the status of the Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project?

PL: The Coleman project consists of two separate phases. Phase 1 is the section from Mill Street to Fairmont Avenue/Shem Drive and Phase 2 is from Fairmont Avenue/Shem Drive to east of Pherigo Street/Vincent Drive. Phase 1 is currently in the third stage of construction, which involves construction of the center medians, installation of traffic signals, irrigation and landscaping. This stage will be complete with the installation of decorative mast arm traffic signals and an adaptive traffic signal control system which is currently scheduled for June 12 through July 25. Regarding Phase 2 were a median already exists, the contractor is currently working at night completing the stormwater drainage, grading, and sidewalk construction.

Q:  Is Stage 4, the final stage of construction, still on track to start at the end of this summer?

PL: Stage 4 involves milling and repaving the entire road and will start in July after the old traffic signal poles are removed and new signals are installed. Final paving should be completed in August which will be followed by final inspections and punch list items.

Q: What major updates will people start to see along Coleman Boulevard this summer (landscape, turn lanes, bike lanes, medians completed, etc.)?

PL: People will see the installation of a new traffic signal system, bike lane, sidewalks, completion of the medians, and the repaving of Coleman Boulevard in its entirety.

Q:  When will the traffic signal be installed at Pherigo and Vincent Street?

PL: The new traffic signal at Pherigo and Vincent Street is scheduled to be installed between June 25 to July 17.

Q:  When is Coleman Boulevard going to be paved?

PL: Coleman Boulevard is scheduled to be paved in July and August.

Q:  What may residents plan for that may be inconveniences for them (road closings, paving, rerouting)?

PL: Minor inconveniences of lane closures will occur for the paving operations, but those will occur at night. There may also be temporary closures at the side streets during the nighttime paving operations.

Q:  Will the local businesses be impacted?

PL: We have and will continue to coordinate with local businesses to minimize any construction impacts.

Q:  What is the completion date?

PL: The project is scheduled to be substantially complete in September 2019.

The Town of Mount Pleasant posts regular traffic and project updates online. If you want to stay up to date with news from the town regarding this project, visit: and sign up for Notify Me alerts at Town of Mount Pleasant’s website.