Q: "I own a local cleaning business and we recently began cleaning a store at the Mount Pleasant Towne Centre. When I asked where to take the cardboard boxes I was told that the entire Towne Centre does not recycle. I am not sure if it is true, but if so, that would be appalling. In a town where so many good things have recently been changed to help the environment, such as switching to only paper bags and straws, I cannot imagine how so much waste from all of those stores would be allowed to go to the landfill instead of recycling. I thought it might be a good thing for your paper to look into." - Debby Moore, Mount Pleasant

A: “Mount Pleasant Towne Centre has been recycling for more than 15 years. We have multiple types of dumpsters located throughout the property that handle food, trash and cardboard. All trash is sorted off property by the disposal company. All cardboard from the “cardboard labeled” dumpsters is recycled. We encourage this reader, store owners in Towne Centre and affiliated cleaning companies to make themselves familiar with where all dumpsters are located.” – Andy Lowe, General Manager of Mount Pleasant Towne Centre

Q: "I am concerned about the medians along Whipple Road. They are very hard to see at night and have been run over repeatedly. It happened again last week. Can the Town of Mount Pleasant consider placing some reflective paint on the ends of the medians? If not, what else can be done to make these more visible at night?" - Andy Liles, Mount Pleasant. 

A: “The landscaped median on Whipple Road near the Mugsy Kerr Tennis Center was recently removed to accommodate marked bike lanes. The landscaped median near the Long Point Road intersection has street lights and standard pavement markings on either end of the median. Town staff will review this location to determine if additional treatments are appropriate."- Brad Morrison, Transportation Director, Town of Mount Pleasant

Q: "Why won’t the town use/apply the same standards and regulations they used to paint turn arrows on Wakendaw Road and Mathis Ferry Road last year to paint turn arrows on Alexandra & Wingo? With all the recent news about traffic conditions around Mount Pleasant, turn arrows would be one of the least expensive ways to help motorist in three subdivisions. Way less than a roundabout or a stop light. To verify the need for turn arrows just visit us during one of the frequent peak traffic periods throughout the day − the peaks are increasing in frequency and traffic volume." - Russell Read, Mount Pleasant

A: “The Town uses consistent standards when it delineates separate turn lanes for these situations. The minimum required area for two separately marked lanes encompasses a 22-foot wide by 25-foot long space in front of the stop bar. This accommodates two 11-foot wide lanes, each with a 25-foot vehicle storage length. The Alexandra Drive approach has neither the lane width nor depth to accommodate this standard marking scenario."- Brad Morrison, Transportation Director, Town of Mount Pleasant