Q: “I recently walked along the beach of Sullivan’s Island and picked up a handful of bottle caps and pieces of plastic. When I walked up the beach path at Station 10 to my car, I noticed there was no garbage bin nearby to displace the liter I’d collected. Instead, I saw a small pile of trash that beachgoers had created on the ground. Could the town look into placing bins at every beach path or station? I think this would be a proactive measure in the town’s efforts to eliminate trash on the beach.”-C.B., Mount Pleasant

A: “The town puts at least one trash can at every beach path. For the heavier traveled paths, we usually put three to five garbage cans. In the past, we have had the cans disappear. We check the garbage cans on a daily basis and the cans are emptied more frequently during the summer months. If a path is missing a can or all of the cans at a specific beach path are full, we encourage the public to call town hall at (843) 883-3198.” - Jason L. Blanton, Town of Sullivan’s Island Deputy Administrator and Comptroller