Locked out

Officers responded to a hotel in Mount Pleasant for a disturbance call. They were flagged down by the suspect when they arrived. The man told the officers he was the one who called the police. When the officers asked what was going on the man explained he had been trying to get in his hotel room for an hour. The suspect also said that the hotel staff couldn’t get him into the room. In the report, the man also said that he felt threatened by one of the staff members who stated they had a short fuse. The officer told him that they would go inside and see what was going on.

The officers contacted the staff and spoke to two victims who worked there. They informed the police that the lock on his door was malfunctioning. They said they contacted the maintenance man and he was coming to the facility with an estimated arrival of an hour. They also told the officers they didn’t appreciate the suspect’s demeanor in how he spoke to them about the incident. They went back to working on the door until the maintenance man arrived.

The maintenance man arrived and began working on the door. While working on the door, the maintenance man believed that someone could be in the room. The officer then asked the suspect if someone could be in the room. He said it was possible because he didn’t know where his wife was. Then he tried calling his wife but she didn’t answer. As the maintenance man worked on the door the officers knocked on the door, asked staff to call the room and knocked on the outside window trying to get an occupant’s attention. They were unsuccessful in getting anyone’s attention and couldn’t see in the room because the shades were drawn.

According to the report, with the assistance of the hotel staff, the suspect was put into a vacant room for the evening. The hotel staff said they hope the occupant inside the room wakes up and if that doesn’t happen then they force their way into the room in the morning. As the officer was leaving, one of the victims said the suspect continued to be disrespectful to the hotel employees. The officer told the victim if he has any more problems with the suspect to call back to the police department.

Stolen new car

Police officers responded to a residence in reference to a stolen vehicle. The victim said he’d parked his vehicle in a parking space in front of his residence the previous evening and when he went out to his vehicle that morning it was missing. The man said the vehicle had a push start ignition and that he still had the keys; however, he was unable to locate them at the time. He also explained that he had purchased the vehicle the day before from a dealership and the tags on his vehicle were from his old truck that he was having transferred to the new car. The man then provided a bill of sale showing that he had purchased the car. The officers asked if he had surveillance cameras outside of his residence. The victim said he nor his neighbors had surveillance cameras.

The officers confirmed through dispatch the vehicle matching the description wasn’t reported as towed. The vehicle was entered into the National Crime Information Center.


Officers responded to apartments in Mount Pleasant for a disturbance call between two neighbors. The complainant called and said that he and his neighbor got into a verbal argument over construction that’s being done at his apartment. The man stated the neighbor became upset over how late contractors were working in his apartment. While both individuals were outside in the walkway, an argument occurred and the neighbor picked up a piece of plywood that was part of the work being done, according to the report. The man said the neighbor didn’t hit him with the board and the woman denied picking up the board to hit the man. When asked he told the officers he didn’t want to press charges and just wanted both parties to leave each other alone. Both parties agreed to voice any complaints to the apartment management company.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mt. Pleasant Police Dept. Many of the stories come from initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.