Locked out

Two officers were dispatched to a home in response to a 911 call with a female crying on the phone. At first the person who took the phone call was unable to get an address for the female. Once they found the address, the officers approached the home and knocked on the door. After knocking a few times, the officers heard a female’s voice coming from the garage area of the house.

The woman in the garage told the officers she was unable to get into her house. The report stated that she was highly intoxicated and having a hard time understanding the questions they were asking her. The officers noted she was unsteady on her feet and they asked how much she’d had to drink that evening. She told them she didn’t know. The officers attempted to help her find her keys in and around the garage but couldn’t find them. The woman believed her keys may be in her car or with the person who dropped her off. After questioning the woman more about where the keys might be, she told them she was at a nearby restaurant earlier that night and described her vehicle.

Another officer was dispatched to the restaurant to see if her vehicle was there. The officer located the car in front of the restaurant. The woman still had her key fob for the vehicle on her, so one of the officers drove the key fob to the restaurant. He entered her vehicle to search for the house keys which were in the cup holder. The police report noted the vehicle was not able to be secured as the locks didn’t seem to be working properly. The officer brought the keys back to the woman’s home and let her inside of the house.

Calming nerves

Officers were dispatched to a gas station in response to an individual stating that she was promised a ride home from officers in regard to an incident the night before. Upon arriving on scene, the officers met with the woman. She told them she was involved in a physical disturbance at a nearby restaurant and bar establishment. After being taken to the hospital, the woman said officers refused to give her a ride home.

The woman told the officers she had walked from the hospital to a coffee shop in the same shopping center before she finally stopped at the gas station. While talking with the woman, the officers noticed she smelled like alcohol. The report also stated that she was swaying, had glossy eyes and was slurring her words.

The officers told her they would have to hold her items and search her bag before giving her a ride home. The woman stated that was fine. While handing over her bag she stated, “Be careful, that bottle is open.” The officers found a bottle of wine in her bag, saw the top had been opened and that a heavy amount of wine was missing from inside the bottle.

When questioned about this, the woman said she’d drank some wine to calm her nerves while she waited for the officers to arrive. She said she’d been drinking out of the bottle in the gas station and in the coffee shop across the street, but not on the sidewalk. The woman was asked if she needed EMS to check her out, but she declined. The officers gave the woman a ride to her home and issued her a town citation for drinking in public with a court date.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mt. Pleasant Police Dept. Many of the stories come from initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.