Payment problems

Officers arrived on scene for a report of harassment. The complainant and her husband explained they fired an employee the day before and that he is harassing them for payment.

While speaking with them, the suspect arrived and the officer asked him to wait by his car for an officer to speak with him. The woman said they fired him the morning before and he showed up to the job site that day and spoke with a client. The woman said he told the client not to pay them until he was paid. She also explained they have another job they are completing and the suspect told those clients the same thing due to the fact he is friends with them.

The woman said they have no problem paying the suspect for the work he completed, but they needed information from him that he wasn’t willing to provide them. Her husband showed the officers texts from the suspect saying he told the clients to withhold payment until he was paid. The suspect told the officer that he was not fired and he had an agreement to remain an employee until he was paid. He said he didn’t harass them and only informed the client of the situation so he could get paid.

The officers told both parties that this was a civil issue and advised them of the proper channels to handle the situation. Their records all came back clear with work visas from another country. The couple was advised their drivers’ licenses were suspended and they needed to have someone pick them up. They said their sister would pick them up.

Enraged guest

Officers arrived at a hotel in response to a disturbance. The officers arrived and met with the desk receptionist. She explained that one of the hotel guests had come into the lobby to complain about her room being dirty and not having any towels. The receptionist explained the woman became irate and was loudly shouting profane words at her when another hotel guest approached her and asked her not to speak to hotel staff in that manner.

This employee told police she confronted the suspect because of the scene she was making. The suspect grabbed the employee’s wrist and told her to mind her own business. The employee gave the woman towels and then she went back to her room.

The employee explained she didn’t want to be involved in any police matter. The receptionist said she was afraid to send room service to the suspect’s room because of her behavior that evening, but that she didn’t want her to be escorted out of the hotel. The employees also stated they didn’t think it was necessary to make contact with the suspect. The officers advised the hotel employees to call police if she caused another disturbance. The officers later observed the suspect leave the hotel with her luggage.

The Police Blotter is intended to be an informative and humorous column written from police reports obtained from the Mount Pleasant Police Dept. Many of the stories come from initial incident reports and, occasionally, supplemental reports. Generally, cases have not been adjudicated at the time of publication.