Academic Magnet High School (AMHS) is delighted to announce four students are being recognized by the United Nations Association – USA and InnerView Technologies in the 2018-19 National Community Service Awards. The award program has been designed to connect student community service activities and commitment to the 17 U.N. Global Goals to Transform Our World.

“The U.N. Global Goals bring awareness, action, and measurement to the toughest challenges the world faces and each objective requires engaged individuals to collaborate and invest both minds and hearts to solve these critical issues. Each initiative and solution has people at the epicenter of the change necessary to create the world we all desire,” said Anna Mahalak, Youth Engagement Manager of the United Nations Association – USA. “We are thrilled that educators are including community service engagement in the educational experience and culture of their school.”

“One of the hallmarks of Academic Magnet High School is the overt emphasis on service,” explained AMHS principal Catherine Spencer. “Our expectation is that students couple their high academic achievement with a commitment to local, regional, and even global impact. It is not surprising that these four AMHS students were most noted for their ‘Quality Education’ efforts and impact. We salute them as role models for our Raptor community.”

A key experience gained through this program is the development of a digital service resume for use in job and college applications to demonstrate personal commitment, 21st century skills, and key areas of interest.

The three-tier award program recognizes a range of student achievement: Merit for 20 hours, honor for 40 hours and ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year.

AMHS students being awarded this school year:

  • Emma Heeke — Ambassador
  • Ameen Khan — Honor
  • Disha Qanungo — Honor
  • Jason Guo — Merit