Following every election, the mayor of Mount Pleasant delegates new committee assignments. Mayor Will Haynie recently made his decisions for the new committee chair and seats.

Haynie told the town councilmembers in an email on Nov. 22 that he took his time on the committee assignment decision and received a lot of feedback, especially from the four new councilmembers.

“In an effort to continually improve, I have learned to think more of committees as cohesive teams rather than committee assignments,” his email stated.

The following is a list of the committees and their new chairperson:

  • Bids & Purchases Committee — Howard Chapman
  • Planning Committee — G.M. Whitley
  • Economic Development Committee — Kathy Landing
  • Police, Legal and Judicial — Haynie
  • Education Committee — Jake Rambo
  • Public Services Committee — Gary Santos
  • Finance Committee — Tom O’Rourke
  • Recreation Committee — Gary Santos
  • Fire Committee — Tom O’Rourke
  • Transportation Committee — Haynie
  • Human resources Committee — Brenda Corley
  • Water Supply Committee — Jake Rambo

Haynie’s email noted every councilmember has a chairmanship with the exception of Laura Hyatt, who requested not to chair a committee at the time. Also, O’Rourke requested not to serve on the Recreation Committee. Haynie also told the council formation of a Flood Resilience Committee is anticipated so more assignments are forthcoming.

To view a complete list of all committee assignments online, visit