As Hurricane Dorian nears the Lowcountry, Town staff are in direct communication with Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) to mitigate the impacts of the storm. This close partnership ensures that both agencies are working together for Mount Pleasant residents and businesses.

MPW is taking the appropriate operational steps to prepare for any impact. “Our top priority is to continue to provide our customers with safe clean drinking water,” said Rick Crosby, MPW Commission Chair. “Mount Pleasant Waterworks has an in-depth Emergency Management Plan to address these types of situations, and all employees are trained regularly,” added Rick Crosby.

“Residents should have a household water safety plan that includes drinking water,” stated Clay Duffie Mount Pleasant Waterworks General Manager.

Water Shut off and Storage Measures include the following steps:

Shut Off Water to Your Home (if you evacuate):

- Shut off the water valve at your home’s shut-off valve or at the water meter.

- The shut-off valve should be located near the main water line’s entrance to your home.

- Shutting off the water prevents potential contaminants from entering your plumbing system in the event water lines are broken.

- When shutting off your home’s water supply, also remember to turn off your water heater. The water heater could be damaged without a steady water supply.

Steps for Water Storage:

- Store regular tap water in half-gallon or one-gallon containers, preferably made of heavy plastic with screw caps such as soft drink containers. Fill containers completely.

- The average household should have one gallon of water per person per day for cooking and drinking. You should keep at least a three-day supply.

- To increase the shelf life of water, store bottles in dark cool location.

- Store for other water needs (for flushing toilets, cleaning, etc.) in the bathtub and other large containers.

For more information, visit MPW at and sign up for Town alerts at