The Charleston County Auditor’s Office is expanding its Homestead Exemption Campaign by allowing citizens to apply on-line. The form is located on the Auditor’s Office department website and allows citizens to complete the full application process in minutes. Prior to this new measure, citizens were required to fill out the form and mail or deliver the application to an Auditor’s Office location.

Since its launch in April, the Auditor’s staff has processed 2,320 applications through the Homestead Exemption campaign. The results equal $116 million of appraised values removed for tax purposes, and a total yearly savings of around $525,000. On average, each homeowner approved for the exemption saves $225 annually.

The Auditor administers the Homestead Exemption program, a statewide program that provides property tax relief to taxpayers over the age of 65 and those with disabilities. In Charleston County, nearly 25,000 residents currently receive the benefit.

The credit removes $50,000 worth of tax appraisal from a taxpayer’s primary residence. For example, if someone owns a home worth $250,000, the county will only tax the home as if it is worth $200,000.

The Homestead Tax Exemption Application is available online at