The preliminary data for the crime statistics for 2019 indicates good news for Mount Pleasant residents. Even though the Mount Pleasant Police Department experienced a 9.4% increase in calls for service from 113,443 to 124,150, this did not correlate into an increase in the crime rate. Violent Crime (Robbery, Murder, Forcible Rape, and Aggravated Assault) dropped a dramatic 25.2% from 127 to 95 incidents. Non-Violent Crime (Burglary, Larceny-theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, and Arson) increased slightly from 1,366 to 1,381 incidents (1.1%).

The largest contributing category of the crime rate increase was Theft From Motor Vehicle, which went from 308 incidents in 2018 to 428 incidents in 2019 (39% increase). Representing 29% of our crime statistics Theft From Motor Vehicles is an area The Police Department needs the community’s help to reduce.

Our 9 p.m. Routine and Lock it Lose It Campaigns are simple prevention reminders to make it harder for criminals to find victims of opportunity. With 73.3% of the vehicles entered being unlocked, the simple acts of locking your vehicle and putting away your valuables can directly impact the crime in our community.

As we celebrate the successes of the previous year, we are vigilant in our approach to ensure 2020 is safer yet.

This information was provided by Mount Pleasant Police Department.