Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie and Town Council held their first special meeting to review the draft of the 2018-2028 Comprehensive Plan on April 23. The plan is expected to be reviewed and discussed over the course of several meetings. Mount Pleasant Town Council has not yet begun its work analyzing the details of the plan.

Aspects of the plan, such as a proposed new connection from Rifle Range Road to Center Street, are generating public feedback.

“The Center Street Extension is not identified by our transportation modeling process as a major capital improvement project,” Haynie said. “It is in the draft recently presented to council in a general context to develop better localized neighborhood access to the primary network. The Plan Forum envisions the Center Street Extension as a way to increase mobility and decrease travel time for local traffic. The project is not in our capital plan and therefore not funded and would require Council action to fund and implement.”

Center Street Extension is part of the Mobility Element contained in the Draft Comprehensive Plan, as a standalone project or as part of larger network improvements. If approved in the future, the extension could be implemented via the existing Town of Mount Pleasant’s right-of-way connecting both roads. For more information and to view the Draft Comprehensive Plan, visit