Mount Pleasant Town Council amended its business license ordinance, effective July 1. The new ordinance includes business license provisions for short-term and long-term rentals. Penalties for late payment accrue at a rate of 5% per month commencing July 2.

Short-term rental

As part of the new ordinance, a property owner leasing a residential dwelling unit for less than 30 consecutive days is deemed doing business in the Town of Mount Pleasant. A business license is required for that activity. On May 15, the town mailed letters to short-term rental operators informing them of the changes.

Long-term rental

A property owner leasing three or more residential dwelling units for 30 or more days is deemed doing business and a business license is required. On June 3, the town mailed notification letters to long-term rental operators, based on Charleston County property tax records.

For more information, call the Business License Division at (843) 849-2786.