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Seniors helped make art to raise money toward the construction of a Habitat for Humanity house.

For nearly 40 years, the South Santee Senior Center has provided essential services to seniors and their families in the rural areas of McClellanville and Awendaw that have supported seniors' desire to live independently in their own homes.

The South Santee Senior Center is housed in a fully renovated school building in the South Santee section of McClellanville. The center has been a virtual hub of community activities.

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The art show at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore brought in $1,000.

The Awendaw Senior facility is centrally located on Highway 17 in the Town of Awendaw. Seniors are provided daily meals through the center’s congregate meals and home delivered meals program for homebound clients at both sites. Seniors are also given the opportunity to participate in informational and recreational activities geared to keep them mentally, physically and emotionally fit.

In the rural areas of Awendaw and McClellanville, partnerships with the local towns, churches, schools and other businesses and individuals help build the needed community network to make the senior centers productive. One of the newest partnerships designed to keep seniors in the loop with society is Smash Glass Art Studio.

Smash Glass was the vision, and now a very remarkable project of local McClellanville artist Melanie McClellan-Hartnett. McClellan-Hartnett's vision of using art to create beauty from brokenness for the betterment of people, the community and planet earth has captured the attention of the seniors and the locals as well. Her art plan and guidance with the seniors allowed Smash Glass to build a show at the East Cooper Habitat for Humanity ReStore. All proceeds from the show went towards the construction of a Habitat house in the community.

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The seniors who helped ranged in age from 60 to 99.

The art show, where the seniors helped make over 1,000 flowers, raised $1,000 towards the home. The seniors’ involvement included people 60 up to 99 years of age.

Today, Smash Glass Art Studio has an onsite art room at the senior center. Classes are provided weekly at both seniors sites.

South Santee Senior Center and the Awendaw Senior Center are open Monday through Friday, providing daily meals and other essential information and referrals to seniors 60 years old and above. For more information, or if you would to volunteer, call 843-546-2789 South Santee or 843-928-4700 Awendaw.