tree trimming

Trees along McCants Drive in Mount Pleasant on June 19.

Town staff plans to meet with Dominion Energy regarding the impacts to protected trees caused by recent pruning around distribution lines. The meeting follows a stop work order issued on June 26 by Town Administrator Eric DeMoura to the utility company.

“The Town needs to make sure that the pruning is being done with precision and with special care given especially to our historic oaks,” DeMoura said. “We are requesting additional efforts to minimize excessive pruning of protected trees and ensure proper pruning techniques, as per our ordinance.”

“Ongoing and future trimming activities must be conducted to minimize negative effects on the health and aesthetic of protected trees,” added planning director Jeff Ulma. “We must strike a balance between the need for safe provision of electricity to our residents and preservation of our valuable tree canopy. We will discuss with Dominion the amount of tree removal and nature of cuts being made to fully ensure protection of this important resource in our community.”