On Thursday, July 11, the Town of Mount Pleasant’s Transportation Department will place the new traffic signal at the intersection of Ben Sawyer Boulevard and Center Street and Center Street Extension into flash mode.

The Ben Sawyer Boulevard approaches will flash yellow for caution while the Center Street and Center Street Extension approaches will flash red and must come to a complete stop. Pending observations, the signal will be placed in full phase operation on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 a.m.

Please use extra caution during this change of the traffic pattern. All comments or questions should be directed to James Aton, at (843) 856-3080 or JAton@tompsc.com.

In response to questions from residents about a reduced speed limit in the area, the town confirmed they don’t have any speed limit adjustments at this time. The town will request that South Carolina Department of Transporation do a speed study a few weeks after the traffic signal is operational to determine if a reduction is warranted.