Roper St. Francis Healthcare wants you to think about this coming Father’s Day as more than a day to enjoy a meal or give gifts: it’s the perfect time to talk to dad about his health and how important it is to get regular check-ups.

“While sitting around the table talking about colonoscopies or heart disease may not sound like fun, taking time to think about your health may be the best gift you could ever give dad on Father’s Day,” said Dr. John Rowe, Roper St. Francis Healthcare Medical Director of Primary Care. “Too often men don’t like to have candid conversations with their doctors or do the necessary screenings that, in some cases, can save lives. We hope Father’s Day becomes a day to talk about men’s health.”

The Centers for Disease Control reports heart disease and cancer as the top two causes of death for men. Make sure dad stays safe, as unintentional injuries are the third leading cause of death for men. Focusing on screenings and doctor visits is a must-do for men.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to ask dad to focus on diet and exercise. Regular workouts can improve heart health, reduce stress and weight at the same time. Two and a half hours of weekly aerobic activity, plus muscle-strengthening are recommended for men.

If dad is a smoker, now is also a great time to start on a path to quitting. It also might be a good reminder that moderate alcohol consumption is also a healthy choice.

Roper St. Francis has physicians across the Lowcountry to help dad’s stay healthy for years to come.

“Going to the doctor may not be as fun as going to a ballgame or the beach, but a regular check-up is the best gift dad can give back to his family on Father’s Day,” Rowe said. “Take time to know your family health history and come prepared to have a candid conversation about staying healthy.”