Hurricane reports

I truly understand the seriousness of tropical storms and hurricanes during this time of the year. It is the near and continuous TV-sourced hysterical rantings and information/technical overload from local and national stations and The Weather Channel that begin in Africa and then intensify to unbelievable death and destruction over a week before it begins its final destructive march to our homes that is a bit “much.”

I urge readers to send an email to Mark Malsick and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR)/S.C. State Climate Office ( requesting emails from him that are timely and informative with a personal tone and style.

Everything that you can learn is always worth a few minutes regardless of how or where or when you receive your information; if you do find, however, that current TV reports can be information overload, do yourself a favor and get on the Malsick Email List — you will not be disappointed.

Seymour Rosenthal

Mount Pleasant

*Note from SCDNR: For the most timely weather forecast or hazardous weather warning readers are highly encouraged to consult their local National Weather Service Forecast Office via or Local Emergency Manager.

Cheers to Ron Plunkett

Thank you to the Moultrie News and Zach Giroux for shining a most deserved spotlight on Ron Plunkett, recent awardee of the Order of the Palmetto, our state’s highest civilian award. Ron is so often behind the scenes and shies away from any publicity. I first met Ron nine years ago in 2010, when he organized and led the Red Shirt volunteers to support the Medal of Honor Society Convention. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with Ron and watching him in action and can say without fear of contradiction, as the saying goes, he is the best organizer and detail man I have met. Through all of his ongoing volunteer work he remains humble and often gives credit to his wife, Linda, for his achievements. Any fans of history would marvel at Ron’s total recall of historical events and the intertwining of personal stories, many of which are about his relatives dating back to the Civil War. Zach Giroux gave the readers a look at one of the most deserving awardees they may ever encounter.

Jeff Jacobs

Isle of Palms