Words have power

“‘Tis the season.” While browsing in a shop in Mount Pleasant, listening to music in the background, looking at all the beautiful items filling the shelves and racks, I turned and there standing right in front of me was something that literally broke the sweet holiday spirit.

On a tall stand were what appeared to be very large Christmas greeting cards the size of wall art with profanity sayings. Firstly, let me be very clear. I support free speech and freedom of the arts. However, this wasn’t language we chose to see, hear, or read at a gallery or performance or in a song or book. This was prominently displayed for all to see, young and old.

This was a stark reminder that words have power. Words have energy and meaning, both written and verbal. Again, I support freedom of expression, even that which is uncomfortable or found objectionable. What I am sharing is that despite how lucrative anything is, we can still be thoughtful and mindful about how, when, where and why we share language and images.

We can realize that indeed when displaying profanity in such a bold and public way, we are giving permission for all those who enter our space to be recipients of that language, in whatever way they perceive that language, as humorous, entertaining, unpleasant or disturbing. Food for thought not only in the holiday season but at all times.

Jackie Morfesis


Jody Stallings

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate the column written by Jody Stallings, Teacher to Parent. Mr. Stallings is an honest, respectful, tell-it-like-it-is writer that is not afraid to ruffle feathers. I wish more parents taught their children by his practices. He does not coddle or put any child on a pedestal. It is very apparent he puts the needs of a child first in all his writings. Parents need to be told when they are doing wrong and he does it in a non-confrontational, truthful manner.

We are blessed to have such a fine educator for both children and parents in our community. It is obvious to me why Mr. Stallings has received numerous awards.

Kim Starr

Mount Pleasant