Attorneys dismissed

It should trouble the Town of Mount Pleasant’s residents greatly that a fine legal team representing their interests is being dismissed because of an ongoing dislike for the attorney team not falling in line step with the mayor and his council cronies. (See Moultrie News March 18 edition)

Hinchey, Murray & Pagliarini, LLC have represented the town honorably for many years. Their expertise in municipal law and all its facets is second to none. Their price for that representation has saved our taxpayers thousands of dollars in fees, unnecessary lawsuits and the discontinuation of others when the town was in a losing position.

This is a siren for all as to why a strong-mayor, weak-council form of government, should it ever happen, has its disadvantages.

I wait to see what our mayor and council comes up with as a replacement equal to the fine attorney firm given their walking papers. Will it have the expertise and knowledge to give legal advise to the many departments of the town? Most of all will it keep the town and our tax dollars from being spent unwisely? I doubt it!

Elton Carrier

Mount Pleasant

Town councilmember (2009-17)

Town attorneys

I read with interest the article regarding Mount Pleasant’s decision to terminate the outside counsel and bring the work in-house. Some may remember that while running for office last year that was one of my main campaign issues. I pointed out that we budget $1,251,072 for legal services. That’s approximately 1% of the total town budget of $137,861,409. I also pointed out other ways to consider saving money and living within our budget. While I applaud Jake Rambo for bringing this up to council, I simply do not understand why we have a lawyer negotiating the contract cancellation with another lawyer. Makes no sense to me. Surely someone on council has experience in negotiating the money side of things. If not, we should find a professional negotiator, not a lawyer to do this. Lawyers are good at writing contracts and the fine print therein. Negotiations should be done at a high level and leave the fine print to the lawyers. It’s said, “the devil is in the details” and that’s where our lawyer should concentrate his/her efforts. While I’m on it, I hope we leave the council as it is and not go for a “strong mayor.” I also campaigned on that. Our present system isn’t broken and there is no need to fix it.

Gary Davis

Mount Pleasant

Police Blotter

I found your report (Police Blotter on March 18) about trash can war between neighbors humorous and sad, especially with what is going on.

Two adults (supposedly) fighting over a trash can is beyond stupid. What ever happened to neighborly love. Its a shame the policeman could not just tell them to grow up.

Wes Wall

Sullivan’s Island

Sound off

An enterprising inventor can make a ton of money by designing and marketing a muffler for the most irritating gardening tool in the landscaping arsenal − the deafening relentless, hellacious, mind-numbing godawful leaf blower.

Bill Walker

Sullivan’s Island

Stay home

The crowded condition of Charleston Harbor this weekend, essentially looking like a typical Fourth of July, underscores the obvious lack of community acceptance of the grave public health risk presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are unintended consequences of Liberty. A rising tide lifts all boats, but a tsunami sinks them. We have a tsunami approaching. Know this.

We have to do everything in our power to protect our healthcare professionals, law enforcement emergency providers and every worker in the supply chain who are trying to help us get to the other side of this.

Stay home if you can and stay well.

Marlaine Black, RN, Esquire

Mount Pleasant