MOH Museum

Recently, I saw a front page article and picture, on the front page of the Moultrie News, describing the “New” Medal of Honor Museum (MOHM). It should be noted that this is not the “Old-New” MOHM. Ya know the one that pretentious, self-serving dullards who populate our town government, with the undying support of more dullards, found to be unworthy of a place in Mount Pleasant, as they cherry-picked its design from the comfort of their living room chairs and chambers, not to mention the many assumptions and mistakes made by those within the “Old-New” MOHM management team. Apparently that was not the case when the tall Carrier Yorktown was situated as a centerpiece at what is now Patriots Point, a focal point of visitors and sure is not the case for monstrous walls of a garage and multitudes of residence buildings that meet visitors coming over the Cooper River from Charleston to Mount Pleasant, on Charleston County’s beautiful bridge. Our “leaders” still think we are an important link to the monument in time that still is Charleston, when, in fact and outside of select areas, such as buildings and plantation parcels developed by the Pinckneys and others in times past. And the remnants of a viable boat-building and fishing industry at Shem Creek and the Old Village that grew up with it, innovative use of past construction such as the Shem Creek walkways started years ago by former councils. The historic story of the Pitt Street Bridge Park, an outstanding Waterfront Park that at least had the attention of councilman Santos and probably some other features that do not come to mind, we are only a stop-over to the beaches and resorts.

I look at the “New” (MOHM) that I know will display, within its walls and with unimaginable wonder and meaning, the stories and history of the Medal of Honor. I am, however, disappointed by the picture that accompanied the story in the paper. It is described as being in the proper architectural perspective. I am not sure what that exactly means. If it means the Yorktown, it is not in architectural perspective; if it means Mount Pleasant that has no meaningful architectural perspective, they are looking at the wrong town on the wrong side of the river. It surely looks like a museum but this is not any museum, it is not what the Medal of Honor Museum deserves or represents.

On top of everything else, we still have this unfortunate and embarrassing dialogue over the “New” MOHM and the “Old MOHM, compliments of the misadventures of many and the intrusion of politics and attorneys. Of all the museums that I can think about, this is the one museum, in my humble opinion, that absolutely did not and does not deserve this treatment and the still continuing dialogue; it is truly disappointing.

Seymour Rosenthal

Mount Pleasant