Dangerous residents

I live near the Darby Building at the corner of Pitt Street and King Street in the Old Village. The Darby Building is now occupied by the Recreation Department of the Town of Mount Pleasant. They hold numerous camps for youngsters every week during the summer. The total disregard by our residents and the parents of those youngsters regarding speeding and observance of marked signage in that area is appalling. The town has done all they can do to ensure safety short of writing tickets for violators. Will it take a child being struck to make this a serious problem? Come see for yourself at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. to observe your friends breaking the law in the name of being in a hurry or not parking in designated areas. As for our residents speeding, “we have seen the enemy and it is us.”

Elton Carrier

Mount Pleasant

Immigration flip-flop

No so many years ago, most Democrat politicians were all in for border security and by-the-book legal immigration. The rhetoric they once used sounds pretty much like what Trump has been saying for at least 3 years. Videos and sound bites from both Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer and yes Obama, are readily available on-line for doubters to review.

But in the years since Trump’s election, something changed. Why do these Democrats, particularly the ones that think they should be elected president in 2020, now advocate for: amnesty for people who’ve entered illegally; welfare, free education and free medical care for them; immigration acceptance by lottery, not merit; chain immigration where families of those already accepted are allowed in; and legitimacy for sanctuary cities that defy federal law, that protect illegal immigrant lawbreakers, including murderers, and finally, for open borders. Why do they support the flouting of established immigration laws, many of which were enacted by Democrat controlled administrations? Is it the potential votes that these people might represent, given enough freebies and handouts via Democrat policies? Of course it is.

These politicians are smart enough to know that the American people have figured out that they have no fresh ideas on much of anything. They blame America for most of the world’s problems. They think success ought to be punished with higher taxes. They are more concerned with their own power and prestige and keeping themselves in office at any cost, than with making America secure and its citizens prosperous. And they hate Trump so much so that they are willing to do whatever it takes − anything goes − to relieve him of holding the presidency.

Voters need to decide and soon. Are they happy with politicians that vote against everything that is beneficial to them, just to “punish” the president for his policies? Slowly but surely, people are waking up.

Mike Schwartz

Mount Pleasant

“Salaries soaring at the Aviation Authority”

Paul G. Campbell, Jr., 73, is not only a powerful state senator, he is also the executive director and CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority and has been since 2013. The Aviation Authority is responsible for overseeing the Charleston International Airport, the Charleston Executive Airport and the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport. Sen. Campbell is paid $300,000 as head of the Aviation Authority in addition to the compensation he receives as a state senator. Campbell was recently in the news as he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after rear-ending another vehicle on I-26 in North Charleston. The victim claimed Campbell traded seats with his wife after the collision, which Campbell denied. For this, Campbell was also charged with furnishing false information to the police. At the time of the incident, Campbell served as chairman of the state senate legislative ethics committee It was recently reported that Campbell may have violated state ethics laws by using his powerful political position in an attempt to avoid the charges. Campbell reportedly handed the victim a business card identifying himself as a state senator. The victim claims Campbell told her “I’m a state senator... I want you to be sure you’re clear and I’m clear.” He also reportedly told the responding trooper that he was “good friends” with the trooper’s boss, COL Christopher Williamson, the commander of the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Both charges against Campbell were eventually dismissed. The false information charge was dismissed without any apparent reason and the DUI charge was dismissed on a legal technicality as Campbell is alleged to have asked for independent blood alcohol testing which was not provided by the trooper in contravention to state statute. A civil lawsuit against Campbell was settled for an undisclosed sum.

On July 23, Arnold Goodstein, 75, the Aviation Authority’s attorney since 1998, was awarded a $650,000 contract to continue as their contract attorney for the next two years. Goodstein was charged with a DUI in Charleston County in 1980. Two years later Goodstein was reprimanded by the Supreme Court of South Carolina for professional misconduct for tampering with material evidence. In 2010, Goodstein declared personal bankruptcy claiming $61 million in debt.

On July 25, it was reported that the Aviation Authority hired Spencer Pryor, formerly a spokesperson for the North Charleston Police Department, as deputy director and chief of communications at a salary of $165,000. Pryor was making $68,000 a year as a part-time employee of North Charleston before he joined the Aviation Authority. Pryor is the brother of Charleston County councilman Teddie Pryor who previously served as chairman of the Aviation Authority. Teddie presently works for the City of North Charleston as a project manager and reports to Mayor Keith Summey who coincidentally is also a board member on the Airport Authority. Spencer joins two other deputy directors on the Aviation Authority, Hernan Pena and Doug Boston, each earning $193,000 and $185,000 respectively.

By comparison, the average teacher’s salary in South Carolina is $51,000. Police officers make about the same. The average salary for firefighters and paramedics is closer to $45,000.

Brooks Davis

Mount Pleasant