An American hero 

We Americans love our heroes and they come in all shapes and sizes, from all parts of the country and every field of endeavor. One of my very favorite groups is the parents who climb out of bed at O-Dark-30 every morning, dress and feed the kids and lovingly deliver them unto the schools.

Of course there are the military heroes who, like the parents, never get enough recognition. They just quietly go about doing their thing without any grand expectation. And that thing is all too often giving up their lives to protect our country.

Then there are heroes who occupy positions of leadership in the private sector. One such individual is Anita Zucker, chair and CEO of InterTech Group and chair of the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative board of directors (TCCC).

Zucker took over control of InterTech group in 2008 when her husband, Jerry, died. Together they had built a massively successful private chemical corporation, and since she took over the business, she has propelled it to even greater heights.

Now you might think that would be enough on anyone's plate. Not Zucker's. She is up to her ears in philanthropy, donating untold millions for a new childrens' hospital at MUSC, $4 million to The Citadel and a long list of others. She sits on boards all over the state and is now stepping up the pace in her quest to seriously upgrade a critically flawed public education system.

In an April 23 letter to the Post and Courier, Zucker stated, “We, (the TCCC), believe inequity in public education is a threat to the quality of life of our citizens and the economic well-being of our region.” She went on to say that the board will focus heavily on the causes that drive system failures and how the board might intervene to solve these problems.

She emphasized the importance that “every school in our region should have an excellent principal leading high-quality teachers who are setting high expectations for every child - no exceptions.”

She further stated her support for those educators striving to change the system and that philanthropy would be directed toward “programs and initiatives that can demonstrate results on a sustained basis.”

There is a lot more to tell, to know, about Anita Zucker. But in the end, she is solid gold and a patriot of the highest order. Wish that we had many more like her. Thank you Anita for all that you do.

Dick Whitfield

Mount Pleasant


The maps for the Moultrie Middle School Rezoning have been released and they do not make any sense. All three of them are bad for the south Mount Pleasant community and geographically make no sense. Students zoned in the Whitesides Elementary School district, who are a short bike ride away from Moultrie Middle School, will have to drive their child to Laing Middle School and then onto Wando High School in the future - literally driving past Lucy Beckham High School in the process.

When Lucy Beckham opens we have been told that Moultrie will be the only feeder school. This means that instead of taking my kids less than one mile away from home to Lucy Beckham we will have to brave Highway 17 traffic and travel all the way to Wando. That's probably a six minute round trip drive to Lucy Beckham turned into over an hour to get to Wando and back.

Why is the District 2 school board so interested in breaking up the community and forcing children to travel further then they have to go to get to school?

The maps that have been drawn up all need to be thrown out and the board needs to work with parents to come up with a viable rezoning plan.

Bobby Simons

Mount Pleasant


Picking an attorney is a very important thing in people's lives when they get into trouble or are injured or have serious claims to make in court. I ran across this statute while working on the Unfair Trade Practices Act on another case and I believe it is short and sweet and contains information the public ought to know.

I think the people of South Carolina ought to know the provisions of Section 39-5-39 of The Unfair Trade Practice Act of South Carolina. "NOT WITHSTANDING another provision of law, it is an unlawful trade practice, pursuant to Section 39-5-20 for an attorney to advertise his services in this state in a false, deceptive, or misleading manner including, but not limited to, the use of a Nickname that creates an unreasonable expectation of results."

Gary A. Ling

Mount Pleasant

Thank you

I am a handicapped senior citizen confined to a wheelchair. Since 2010,1 have driven an adaptive van with hand controls and a transfer seat that allows me to move from my wheelchair to the driver's seat.

On March 14, I drove to Patriot's Plaza to get a pedicure. As I attempted to make the customary transfer from driver's seat to wheelchair, I had a mishap which caused me to fall onto the floor of the van. Fortunately, I had already opened the door and deployed the ramp which allowed a passing gentleman to see me and to offer his assistance.

He picked me up off the floor and placolme back in my wheelchair. He then noticed that I had cut my foot when I fell. So he went into one of the nearby stores, got some alcohol wipes and Band-Aids, and returned to bandage my foot.

Then this guardian angel asked me if I would like for him to drive me home! He texted his brother-in-law, whom he was to meet for lunch, gave him my address, and asked him to meet us there so he could get a ride back to his car in the parking lot.

Both of these men worked for Blue Flame but, unfortunately, I neglected to get either of their names. I want to publicly thank both of them for rescuing me that day. They were obviously sent by God to be my saviors.

Jane Fulton

Mount Pleasant