Proper disposal of an American flag

With all the negativity and vitriol that is bandied about on the Nextdoor app, today I saw a thread that warmed me to the core. Someone asked where they could dispose of a worn American flag. The replies were swift, heartwarming, respectful and knowledgeable. I must cite two in particular.

Someone’s friend annually hosts a flag retirement party every year on Veterans Day wherein flags are brought and given the proper ritual for discarding. “Each person is allowed to speak on its meaning, memory, honoree…”

Another reply states her son is a Boy Scout and the flag can be retired at their upcoming campout.

These are beautiful and respectful gestures and I hope this stirs you to proudly hoist your flag this coming Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11. We owe so much to our brave women and men who serve us as military, fire and law officials. Thank you to all of you great folks; I pray for all of you always.

Mirella Abbo

Mount Pleasant