Charleston Battery

The Charleston Battery unveiled its new logo last week. 

The Charleston Battery is ushering in a new era of soccer in Charleston with the unveiling of its new logo and branding. 

The new crest, presented at Saltwater Cowboys in front of more than 200 fans, offers an updated interpretation for one of the oldest soccer clubs in the nation. The black and yellow coloring that has become synonymous with the Battery has been altered slightly but remains as the club's primary colors.

Club owners, Rob Salvatore and Brandon Lieb, as well as USL President and former Battery player, Jake Edwards, addressed the crowd in a two-hour event at one of Mount Pleasant's most popular social gatherings. A brief Q&A session preceded the clubs unveiling, outlining the clubs' short and long term goals.

"Our objective with the brand refresh was to create something truly unique to Charleston," Lieb said. "We incorporated key elements of the club's proud history and listened to our supporters throughout the process and believe their input helped to create a crest that honors the club's past while setting a new direction for its future."

Matthew Wolff, who has designed a number of logos for soccer clubs around the world, was instrumental in working with Battery ownership to create a modern representation of Charleston's crest.

"We were cognizant that some supporters may have a strong emotional connection to the original crest," Wolff said. "It's why we kept many of the design elements intact."